Installing RTL language for Fennec on the N900

This document assumes that you already have a version of Fennec 2.0 beta installed on your N900, you can gain root access on your nokia device and you have the unzip tool on your N900
1) go to
2) if you want arabic, download the and install it.
a) You can manually install the xpi pack, by doing a long tap on the link and saving it to the documents folder.
b) From there, close fennec and open up xterminal and run the following commands:
sudo gainroot
mv ~/MyDocs/.documents/*.xpi ~/.mozilla/fennec/<profile>.default/extensions/

Further take aways from this include :

1) create scripts to make this a lot easier until the xpi bug is fixed.

2) suggestion on installing uKeyboard for arabic Virtual keyboard support


Edit: I found a better way with the use of install triggers, and once a bug has been fixed you don’t even need an install trigger.

Install trigger example pointing to the Arabic plugin can be found at :


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