To help give me train myself to form a daily habit…

I found myself a little lost when starting this super cool job (how often do you get paid to tinker around with new technology and break stuff?) at Mozilla.  What started to calm me down was to create a checklist for myself as a daily routine.  I can’t say that I follow this 100 % of the time or get through the list every day… but it gives you a sample of what I go through on a daily basis (it’s not in priority order):

Daily check list:
I. Build downloads
A. OS :
a) Mac OS
1) Minefield
2) Fennec
b) Android
c) Maemo
d) VM:
1) hg pull
2) hg update

B. Verify that new build downloaded
1)  about:
2)  about: config

III. Bugzilla :
A) Week Triages (from monday)
1) unconfirmed
2) blockers: ?
3) litmus: ?
4) resolved
B) Daily regression
1) confirm fixes.
2) look at new/unconfirmed bugs

IV. Litmus test creation
1) create test cases around areas of responsibilities
2) look at test cases

V. Monitoring
1) IRC
2) Email
3) Blogs
a) QMO
b) WordPress
4) Meetings

VI. Testing:
1) Test primary areas of responsibilities
2) Daily browsing testing
3) performance :,2774466,2774464&sel=1235878573,1235945829
4) Dev hot topic testing

VII. Updates/Maintenance:
1) wiki : week in review
2) priorities (ie other tasks and areas to verify and make efficient)
3) keep track of bug trees, bugs, cc’ed, watch the timestamps, and hg.
(watch change set)
4) keep track of bugs that you reported if it’s closed out.


Beyond this check list I have other responsibilities to handle and even things that pop up out of the blue as all jobs may have.  In that regards, I try to stay flexible enough to work on a priority check list:

* Q4 personal goals
– vision : community involvement : make firefox better.
* research how to get log files on android
* research chrome level automations and tools
* get research on fennecmark
* come up with script for “QA eye for the average guy”
* performance testing?
* make unclear litmus test clear

* reintroduce QABot & QAC
* make participation part of Q4 goals (ie. participate in X events)
* have an event every Friday (rotating bugday/testday)

Home Tasks:
* checklist : Index idea for newbs, intermediate, advanced testers
* doxygen / Natural Docs


There’s also a checklist of stuff that I liked to research into for fun:

Things to look into:
1) need to look into where SQLites are called.
– Child processes read/write issues?
– locking issues?
2) Debug on Android / Simulator?
– use nvidia
3) Tools for android
4) Need to know when blur events, focus should occur.
– blur of text, focus issues : stechz
– text focus and selection issues
5) Pixels , scrolling, and zoom issues?
6) Preference settings
7) Profile dbs


Ya.  I’m weird.  Learning all this is fun for me and it’s pretty exciting stuff!  And ya… it’s busy.  I never know what’s going to pop up tomorrow.  I guess I should try to get some sleep now.  🙂


About shizen008

Breaking things and getting in trouble for it since '74. Disclaimer: I am not responsible if I make your head explode reading this blog! The writings here are my own expression and not of any companies. I currently work on being a QA for B2G aka Firefox OS
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One Response to To help give me train myself to form a daily habit…

  1. dknite says:

    Thats a full sized list for 1 day! I certainly hope as time goes on, you’ll be containing and compartmentalizing them into larger categories. but its good to hear how things break down for you.

    For kicks, My daily checklist goes something like this:

    – log on to internet, skype, irc, IM, twitter, email
    – Download nightly updates to Firefox and Fennec trunk builds (desktop, n900, and nexus one)
    – clean up my inbox, deleting the influx of daily spam/respond to mails i need
    – tread through last night or (days) of bugmail
    – tread through google reader, and catch up on tech news. flag articles that i want to read more in depth later
    – glance through my bugzilla query of UNCO bugs in the fennec, Sync, and Jetpack components
    – attend meetings
    – eat lunch

    After lunching
    – take a 15 minute walk someplace (pool table, snack, outside)
    – more meetings
    – verify a few bugs, add a few test cases
    – talk to more people i sometimes dont necessarily need to talk to
    – read more documentation on things i need to learn about (latest: J-PAKE implementation for Sync)
    – selective irc chats
    – make notes of top issues found that day, and update my to-do list in my calendar for the next day
    – sign out, go home

    – log on to emails only
    – follow more bugmail, verifying fixes and responding when needed
    – go back through my articles i flagged in the morning and read more
    – blog when something neat comes up. And actually submit the blog instead of leaving a dozen unsent drafts in my wordpress account
    – Log off machine. go to sleep.

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