If you want to hear a really good Shakuhachi player…

and are in the SF bay area, Koga sensei is really good and He’s a really good teacher. Shakuhachi is the Japanese bamboo flute. Anyways, here’s his schedule.

17th(Sat.) 6:30pm at “O chameお茶目”, 1830 Fourth Street , Berkeley CA – solo
18th(Sun.) 6pm at “TakarasakeUSA” , Berkeley / sponsored by Kyotokai -solo
28th(Wedn.) 4:30pm at Piedmont Teahouse Opening Event, Oakland -solo

8th(Sat.) – tentative- 6:30pm at ” Ochame お茶目”1830 Fourth Street, Berkeley CA  -solo
17th(Mon.) 4:15pm at Honda Hospice Memorial Service, San Francisco -solo
20th( Thurs.)4pm at San Francisco Teahouse in G.G. Park 29th(Sat.) evening at EastBayCenter, Richmond – for Master concert series ( with taiko/ Jimi Nakagawa) 16 mil.(!) Renovated Hall.- Solo and duet


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