In something of…

In something of a behavioral train of thought, particularly through a conversation I had with my therapist, he told me about the 4 c’s : Don’t try to change a person, don’t correct a person, don’t criticize a person, don’t try to command/control a person.

It goes to what a great person told me : Good leaders influence people.

It’s starting to make me reflect on how I can approach people about bugs.  There’s lots of jobs that require to give criticism.  Art critics, Editors, etc..  QA is no exception.  Something I’ve found on the net:

Can’t say I’ll change over night in terms of my approach, but maybe trying to use some of these tactics might help better my relationship with some people.

This would probably help as well:



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Breaking things and getting in trouble for it since '74. Disclaimer: I am not responsible if I make your head explode reading this blog! The writings here are my own expression and not of any companies. I currently work on being a QA for B2G aka Firefox OS
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