From a previous post, I talked about one off bugs: https://shizen008.wordpress.com/2012/01/18/one-off-bugs/#respond

This is based on bugs that I have encountered or looked at in Bugzilla.  Turns out that perhaps if I had done a little more investigation, I would have found out the reasoning which is described here:


A developer once told me that using too many try catches are bad.  It had to do with it being inefficient and also it becomes harder to debug things when everything is getting thrown and you’re not really sure what is causing the throw.

I guess in this case, it’s safe?

To give you some context, I am referring to bug 723495


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  1. shizen008 says:

    Should probably post a new one but I guess I’ll leave it as a comment here … this is from an email I just sent :
    “Basically what I do is run the litmus test case, but not always exactly as written. I might see if there’s an opportunity to turn the device orientation even though the test case might not call for it in conjunction to selecting a menu to see if I get a crash for example. In some sense, there’s a lot of timing issues. Like the one you caught with the menu button is a great example. It’s something you think about, would this step somehow mess things up in either appearance or functionality? That’s basically what I do. Kind of like playing chess. You look for possibility. That’s why I like diagrams of design (code and ui both).”

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