The more I think about it…

The more I keep thinking that QA is very much like chess.

AI programming of chess even.  A QA’s job is to find the positive and negative aspects of moving forward with the objective of inserting quality into a product.

Negative points could consider being capture, positive in taking a piece…  the further level of heuristic search the more complex the testing…  The main thing would be mapping the functions of an applications into the heuristic evaluation function appropriately…

I suppose it might help to map it into a state diagram

Hrm.  I could just be rambling.


About shizen008

Breaking things and getting in trouble for it since '74. Disclaimer: I am not responsible if I make your head explode reading this blog! The writings here are my own expression and not of any companies. I currently work on being a QA for B2G aka Firefox OS
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