Crash Reports other than Socorro

There are other crash reports other than Socorro that are being generated.

Thanks to kairo and chofmann; there are other ways to look at the data that is provided by Socorro.

Kairo has made an adjustment asked by the crashkill team to his original script that I had asked for earlier:

You’ll notice in the link, that it shows the crashes that a device has, with the number of crashes to the right.  If you continue to scroll, you will notice the devices that a crash has, with the number of crashes to the right.

This helps out in determining faster whether a crash is only happening on a certain device/chipset as well as which devices to try to reproduce the crashes with.

For more of kairo’s crash reports see :

Chofmann has his own sets of reports.  For example :

This shows the cumulative crashes of a version per day, so you can understand where the numbers are coming from in Socorro.

For more of chofmann’s reports see :


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