How you can help improve your bug reports for Fennec…

Logs and screenshots really help when looking at bugs for developers as well as QA.  There are free apps out there that will do these things.

For logs, there is an app called alogcat ( )


that will allow you to share or save your logs after you hit the menu button.

As for taking screenshots, it’s gotten even easier than having to install android sdk.  There are free apps out there on the market such as screenshot ( ) as well as pay for screenshot capture apps that do not require root ( ) Image

Having mentioned these, I am not endorsing any apps one over the other… if you find a favorite one that shows/shares logs or screenshots, I say go for it!


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Breaking things and getting in trouble for it since '74. Disclaimer: I am not responsible if I make your head explode reading this blog! The writings here are my own expression and not of any companies. I currently work on being a QA for B2G aka Firefox OS
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