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A wise man once said…

“Just talking does not resolve issues.” “Less you have to maintain, the more you are free to do other things.”

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Exploratory testing continued.

I came to realize for someone that’s starting saying “exploratory testing” is kind of an ominous blank page. The essence is that you are exploring each combination of things that you can do and map them as you go along… … Continue reading

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Example of Session based testing

see 30 minutes.  Tested a fix.  found 7 potential bugs. If you want agile testing… there you go. Now I just have check and verify they aren’t reported already… and file them if they aren’t…

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I realize now that I have to prove what I have stated in terms of not just bugs, but critical bugs and showing that I can find them faster… Otherwise, I’m just blowing smoke.  I get it.  I’ll show the … Continue reading

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Raising the question:

Per version of the product per run, could you graph the output of how many bugs a test case produces? Reason I ask is how can we tell the effectiveness of a test case, and what are the best test … Continue reading

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