hg and patches

Repost from Sid’s post;http://blog.sidkalra.com/2008/10/applying-a-patch-to-a-repo-using-mercurial/

  1. Download the .patch or .diff file onto your machine
  2. Navigate to the repo that you want to install the patch to i.e. testRepo (I will using repo name for this example, substitute it with your repo name when you are trying to apply a patch yourself)
  3. Open testRepo.hghgrc (the config file)
  4. Add the following to hgrc and save (This enables queues for hg so that we can use commands that we need, qimport and qpush)[extensions]
    hgext.mq =
  5. Now open up a command prompt and navigate to your repo directory
  6. Type in hg qimport <full-path-of-patch-file> and press enter
  7. The above command should create a patch folder within testRepo.hgpatches
  8. Next navigate to  testRepo.hgpatches
  9. Type in hg qpush <patch-file-name>
  10. Done! The patch should have been applied (if you get an error such as “abort: local changes found, refresh first” then that means you have made changes to the original files and the patch won’t work)

I normally do :  hg patch –no-commit -p0 patchfile

This is a different way of doing patches using hg and hg queues.


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Breaking things and getting in trouble for it since '74. Disclaimer: I am not responsible if I make your head explode reading this blog! The writings here are my own expression and not of any companies. I currently work on being a QA for B2G aka Firefox OS
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