From the desk of Mark Surman,

Hi there,

We’re reaching out to you now because three sections of the PATRIOT Act expire soon, which gives us a rare opportunity to push for reforms that will protect our privacy while also keeping us safe.

Congress is going to decide whether to reauthorize sections of the PATRIOT Act used by the National Security Administration (NSA) to collect the phone records of millions of people who have never been suspected of any involvement in terrorism.

At Mozilla, we believe keeping us safe shouldn’t have to cost us our privacy. Individuals’ security and privacy on the Internet are fundamental and must not be treated as optional.

We have a chance to rein in mass surveillance. Sign this important petition asking Congress to stop the bulk collection of private information.  ( )

This is only the beginning. Mozilla is working on multiple fronts to improve user security, privacy, and trust online — things like ensuring strong encryption and better oversight and accountability. The decisions coming up about sections of the PATRIOT Act are a big chance to begin scaling back some of the most egregious invasions of our privacy.

Congress is negotiating whether to reauthorize these mass surveillance programs right now. Please tell your elected officials to stand up for our privacy. ( )

If we come together now, we can take a major step toward the reforms that we need to protect the free and open Web.

Thanks for speaking out right now, at this critical moment, and for all you do to fight for the open Web.


Mark Surman
Executive Director

P.S. You might wonder why Mozilla cares about bulk collection of phone calls — and what that has to do with protecting the free and open Web. Here’s why: While the provisions in question allow for the bulk collection of telephone records, this same provision also might be used to conduct mass surveillance of Internet data. Because of a lack of transparency, it’s hard to know how broad the net is being cast. Reform of these sections of the PATRIOT Act will help set a major precedent, one we can leverage to rein in overly broad surveillance on the free and open Web, so we have to join together to speak out now ( )


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