Screenshots on your android device … without ADB … without another App!

In my quest to make life easier for Eng people and the end users… I came across an interesting thing when I was looking at the /system/bin directory of ICS (side note: adb shell points to files in /system/bin) …. there are two executables that were listed : screencap and screenshot

As curiosity arose, I decided to look on the net to see what I can find about screenshoting without a need for an app.  Sure enough I stumbled upon this article :

You press up up down down left right left right b a select start. Oh wait. that’s a Konami code.  In all seriousness, you hold down the Volume Down + Power Button for about a second for ICS devices.

Turns out that there’s other devices that can do this as well:

“Hold down the home and power button on the Samsung Galaxy SII.”

“The Droid Charge requires holding back, and hitting menu.”

I confirmed the Galaxy S II and Nexus tips.  I haven’t confirmed the Droid Charge, but I get the feeling that it’s correct.

Here’s some other tips and tricks that you can do on the Galaxy Nexus :

I haven’t found anything in regards to device video cap on ics, but when I have time I guess I might end up playing around with that option + the dev option of tapping.

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2 Responses to Screenshots on your android device … without ADB … without another App!

  1. Nice find Naoki! This looks like it’ll be super helpful for some of the stuff we’re doing in automation.

  2. dknite says:

    ah.. knew about the GN, but not the S2. good tip!

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