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Blob free now on task cluster

Bug 1175934 – [B2G] Add support to build blobfree images has landed and is now available on task cluster : What is Blob free?  see That’s right.  if you follow Bug 1166276 – (b2g-addon) [meta] Getting a B2G Installer Addon, … Continue reading

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VM for B2G

It took a while to hunt down a site that allowed for free hosting of 50 gigs or more and then post the file up.  There are certain modifications I had made from yesterday to the image as well. There … Continue reading

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Submitting pending crashes…

Ted just made a wonderful new script for us to upload pending folder crashes. It requires poster (ie you will have to run |sudo pip install poster| you run it by | /path/to/files/*.dmp| The script is found here : … Continue reading

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Example of Session based testing

see 30 minutes.  Tested a fix.  found 7 potential bugs. If you want agile testing… there you go. Now I just have check and verify they aren’t reported already… and file them if they aren’t…

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How to root your Galaxy S to Cynogenmod 10 Nightly…

Disclaimer: there is a chance that you may mess up your phone.  I am warning you ahead of time that you are doing this at your own risk and that I might not be able to help you! I didn’t … Continue reading

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More Profile Madness…

So I ran the script several times to create a large profile… but I either ran into a bug w/ fennec or hit a bug with the Android OS. One of the things is that the history is not showing … Continue reading

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Script to create 6k worth of history…

Originally I had this:#!/bin/bash # website history generator v 0.01 # # Usage webhistgen <n> <appname> # n: number of websites to visit # appname: application name such as org.mozilla.fennec n=$1; appname=$2; cmdline=”adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -n “$appname”/.App … Continue reading

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