Modifying multiple bugs in a search query in bugzilla:

[2:51pm] nhirata_: swilkes: you mentioned you can do bulk edits to bugzilla bugs?  how do you do that?
[2:51pm] nhirata_: ( I would like to edit the priority field to a bunch of bugs I created 0
[2:51pm] nhirata_: )
[2:52pm] swilkes: let me take a look
[2:52pm] swilkes: doliver showed me how but I haven’t done it in a while
[2:52pm] swilkes: one sec
[2:53pm] nhirata_: ok thanks
[2:53pm] swilkes: ah nhirata_
[2:54pm] swilkes: so – get a bug list together somehow – search, etc. at the bottom you should see (just to the rightof the Long Format and XML buttons)
[2:54pm] drs: yeah
[2:54pm] swilkes: a “Change many bugs at once”
[2:54pm] swilkes: sorry, several bugs at once
[2:55pm] nhirata_: ah sweet.
[2:55pm] nhirata_: thanks
[2:55pm] swilkes: and then you’ll enter a checkbox UI
[2:55pm] swilkes: check them and then allllll the fields you could want are at the bottom
[2:59pm] nhirata_: awesome!  thanks swilkes!
[2:59pm] swilkes: happy to
[2:59pm] nhirata_: same query worked since I was looking for non P1/P2
[2:59pm] swilkes: it’s a lifesaver
[2:59pm] nhirata_: saved a lot of time
[2:59pm] swilkes: truly


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